Rahul Gandhi Into Active Mode, This Is The Reason For The Spring In His Stride!

 - Sakshi Post

Here are signs that Rahul Gandhi – the president that was and the president to be of the Congress Party – is getting active again. Now that some of his detractors have been edged out of the party, the Gandi-Nehru scion has become active.

The other day, Rahul Gandhi attended the meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence. Though he is a member of the committee, he has never attended the meetings so far. For the first ever time, he had not only attended but also asked quite a few questions.

Not just that, he is likely to join the campiagn of the party in Bihar elections. The Congress sources said that Rahul Gandhi would address at least over 100 virtual rallies. In addition, the party is also chalking out plans to organise over a hundred more online rallies to be addressed by other leaders. The details of the traditional public rallies are not yet known.

There are also other signs of Rahul Gandhi getting active in the party affairs. Several of the party leaders, who have sought organisational elections and opposed a Gandhi-Nehru family member as the party chief again, have now been edged out of the party. This has given a free hand to Rahul Gandhi and this is said to be the reason why he is active again.

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