Punjab Police Steals Eggs From Cart, Suspended

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In a very bizarre incident, a police was caught on camera stealing eggs from a cart. The incident took place in Chandigarh.

A Head Constable in Punjab Police, Pritpal Singh was spotted taking some eggs from an unattended egg cart parked on one side of the road. He was putting eggs into his pockets.

A video clip was doing all the rounds in the social media. After the video went viral, Punjab Police India took to its Twitter and announced that he was suspended.

They shared the video with caption, "A video went viral wherein  HC Pritpal Singh from @FatehgarhsahibP is caught by a camera for stealing eggs from a cart while the rehdi-owner is away and putting them in his uniform pants. He is suspended & Departmental Enquiry is opened against him." Here is the video.

One of the netizens said that, "Give him warning god knows what made him to this as such he'll face an immense shame knowing that his deed got viral.Look at PM who is not being held accountable irrespective of the plight of people dying going viral,he's stole the basic rights of the nation."

Another user wrote, "Urge you to please ensure the accused is available immediate psychiatric evaluation in interest of justice. Likely the accused has been getting regular salary hence argument that he likely needs medical help."

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