PPE Re-Use Makes 14 % Kerala Health Workers Test Corona Positive

 - Sakshi Post

Kerala may be one of the Corona success stories in the country. It may have succeeded in keeping Corona under leash despite the fact that the state has recorded the first case of COVID. But, there is one disconcerting news. At least 14 percent of the healthcare workers in Kerala have tested Corona positive.

And why did they test positive? The reason is a shortage of the Personal Protection Equipment. Due to the shortage, the PPE were used and reused leading to contamination and infection. According to a study conducted by the Kerala government, lack of proper PPE kits was one of the major reasons for the spike in Covid cases among the health workers. Another major reason for infection is said to be dining together of the medical staff. Interestingly, at least 70 medical personnel knew who they contacted Coronavirus from.

Study also showed that at least 41 percent of the COVID personnel were doctors and nurses. As many as 31 percent were paramedical staff, while 38 percent were office staff. At least 34 percent were ASHA workers. The remaining are field staff.

The Kerala Government has decided to put in place corrective measures to ensure that those on Corona containment and treatment duties remain safe. Based on this study, the government will build strong systems.

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