Planning To Buy An Oxygen Concentrator For Home? Here's How To Pick The Right One

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Portable Oxygen Concentrators; A device that collects oxygen from the air.

There is a massive demand for medical oxygen in India right now. Many patients with covid are dying as a result of a lack of enough oxygen supply. Due to a shortage of fresh oxygen cylinders, the black-market business is growing.

And, in the black market, a medical oxygen cylinder costs anywhere between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1 lakh. People are now considering oxygen concentrators as a viable option for saving lives. An oxygen‌ concentrator is a machine. It draws oxygen from the atmosphere. Oxygen is administered by a tube inserted into the nostrils.

According to experts, the oxygen it produces is 90% pure. The government has also agreed to purchase one lakh oxygen concentrations in the wake of the country's severe oxygen shortage. Germany and other countries, such as the United Kingdom, are also sending oxygen concentrations to India.

A majority of private companies provide oxygen concentrators to individuals and hospitals. Medical experts, on the other hand, agree that if a person's oxygen levels are dropping, the oxygen concentrator will be very useful before they enter the hospital.

Portable medical oxygen concentrators, on the other hand, are used to provide oxygen for patients in hospitals or at home. The air we breathe is made up of 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, and 1% other gases.

To combat the corona situation in the country, Prime Minister Modi has approved one lakh portable oxygen concentrators and 500 oxygen plants from the PM Cares Fund. The Prime Minister also ordered for these to be provided to states with the most Covid cases.

The Evox Electric Oxygen Concentrator is the best in the market right now. This machine sells for Rs. 45,000 in other countries. It operates at a rate of 5 lpm. and provides up to 93 percent oxygen concentration.

Portable oxygen concentrator 3-liter capacity is also available under the model number JAY-1. This concentrator is priced at Rs. 40,000 in India. It is currently the cheapest option in the world. This machine is both battery and electrically operated. Oxygen can be obtained indefinitely by any of these methods. Low oxygen purity indicates a rapid rate of respiration.

A medical oxygen concentrator with the model number JAY-5 is also available in the market. It functions entirely on a real-time basis. It is not possible to use it with a battery.

On the Indiamart website, there are many options for buying an Oxygen Concentrator for your home. One of them is priced at Rs 35,000.

These are mere suggestions. Always consult a medical expert before you go ahead and make a purchase. 

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