Uttarakhand Glacier Burst: A Phone Call Saved 12 Lives In 300M Deep Tunnel

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It is well known that the rage of the Dhauliganga river has plunged the people of Uttarakhand into deep tragedy. About 170 people were reported missing in the accident. A phone call saved 12 lives in the tragedy. Dhauli river erupted as the avalanche broke and turned furious. At the same time, 12 Chameli Tapovan Power Project workers in the state are working in an underground tunnel. As soon as the authorities came to know about the accident, they told the people around them to come out. Workers heard this and tried to get out of the tunnel. But within this, the flood water came into the tunnel. Also, the entrance was muddy with no chance of them coming out.

Lack of a way out of the tunnel. It was thought that a living tomb was inevitable there. However, one person's mobile proved that they still have hooks on the ground. As soon as he received a signal on his phone, he called the company and explained their situation. When the company GM told ITBP officials about this, they reached the tunnel and cleared the mud and brought the workers out safely. They were later admitted to ITBP Hospital for treatment.

A man said on the occasion, "We are in a 300-meter deep tunnel. We were trapped in the floodwaters. We have given up hope on a longer life. At this time, the light was falling somewhere in the tunnel... We noticed the wind playing. Somehow we got there. Meanwhile one of us got a signal on our phone. Calling the authorities... They responded and ITBP sent them and we survived. That one phone call saved 12 of us. We are indebted for the rest of our lives to the ITBP officials who helped us, ”he said.

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