Patients With Abnormal Liver Function More Vulnerable To COVID Infection: PGI Study

 - Sakshi Post

Researchers at the PGI( Postgraduate Institution of Medical Education) have found that more than half of patients admitted in the hospital with SARS-CoV-2 infection had an abnormal liver function

The study was conducted by Dr. Ram Krishan Saini, Dr. Neha Saini, Dr. Sant Ram, Dr. Shiv Lal Soni, Dr. Vikas Suri, Dr. Pankaj Malhotra, Dr. Jyotdeep Kaur, Dr. Indu Verma, Dr. Sadhna Sharma, and Dr. Deepy Zohmangaihi.

Dr. Zohmangaihi, a corresponding author of the study, said “Through our observation on Covid-19 patients, we have concluded that SARS-CoV-2 may possibly cause liver damage. Not many are aware of this as the primary organ affected by Covid is lungs. Abnormal liver profile was mostly found in Covid patients requiring ICU treatment.”

In the study out of 152 Covid-19 positive patients, 89 (58.5 per cent) had abnormal liver tests, of which 43 (48.31 per cent) had liver injury.
The ICU requirement patients are raised with liver enzymes and live injury. Patients with normal liver enzymesare only 21.15 and 52.48 per cent are infected with liver injury. Liver enzyme level was found in men (67.4 per cent) compared to women (46.03 per cen

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