Paracetamol, Pulse Oximeters Back in Demand as India's COVID Numbers Soar

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As the second wave of COVID19 is spreading in the country, everyone has become busy. Hospitals are facing a shortage of beds, state governments have announced either a night curfew or a lockdown. Along with all this, the demand for paracetamol and stuff like thermometers and oximeters have also increased.

When India first started reporting COVID19 cases, many households started buying these basic equipements to regular monitor their oxygen level and body temperature. This is happening during the second wave as well. The demand for such equipment and tablets has increased. The numbers are relatively higher this time when compared to last year.

M K Mayanna, president of, Bruhat Bengaluru Chemists and Druggists Association said, “If we compare the sales during the first wave of Covid-19, the demand for medicines and instruments is relatively higher this time. However, the good thing is that this time, the supply is also equivalent with the demand, unlike the first time when there were serious shortages.”

The increase in sale for these items and tablets is an indication of fear among people. They are trying to monitor their health at home and not risk contracting the virus from any person. These regular monitoring will help in picking out any symptoms that you might have.

Medicine like Dolo-650 and other paracetamol tablets are now in demand. The sale for these has increased in the past few weeks. Also, people are now buying thermometers and oximeters. The N-95 masks are still being purchased by many but it is not the preferred choice. There are different masks available now and people are trying to go for the most comfortable one.

Medical experts are saying that precaution is necessary. These regular checks at home and other precautions will help you in staying safe. With the increase in cases, hospitals are facing a crisis. They do not have enough beds or oxygen cylinders to treat people. Recent reports from the Bengaluru hospitals claim that the oxygen supply has completely dried up.

This situation has caused a problem in many hospitals. Patients are now under the critical condition as they are not getting enough oxygen supply. Many hospitals have several patients in serious condition but not even enough oxygen cylinders for half of them.

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