Over 66 Lakh White Collar Jobs Lost In India

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Here’s one big bad news.  A staggering 66 lakh white collar jobs have been lost in  the country during the May-August quarter – all due to the effect of Covid 19 and the lockdown. This disconcerting fact has come to light thanks to the latest report of the Centre for Monitoring  Indian Economy (CMIE). This is the biggest loss of jobs after 2016.

According to this report, among those who have lost the jobs big time are journalists, managers, software professionals, doctors, data analysts , engineers and teachers. Most of those who lost their jobs are private employees. Interestingly entrepreneurs owning firms are among the least affected people.

The study has also said that a large amounts of profits due to the Coronavirus. The report also says that there was a 26 per cent fall in the industrial workers. Similarly, among the biggest losers are the small scale employees. This is indicative of the pressures on the MSME sector.

Another interesting finding of the study is that the clerical employees have not really been affected by Coronavirus. The lockdown did not have any effect on the clerical staff, the report says. The study said that the situation could deteriorate further in the coming days. 

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