Over 300 Cops in Delhi Test Covid19 Positive

 - Sakshi Post

The country is battling the second wave of coronavirus. Every day medical experts and frontline workers are requesting the general public to follow the safety protocols, but in doing so, these officers are getting infected as well.

A recent report confirmed that at least 300 police officers in Delhi have tested COVID positive. Among these, a total of 15 men were admitted to the hospital owing to the deteriorating condition. They are receiving treatment now and will be kept under observation for some time. The rest of them are under home quarantine.

To control the situation, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a weekend curfew in Delhi. Along with this, the malls, gyms and other public places will also be under restriction.

As the situation worsens, India is trying to deal with the increasing number of cases. A total of 1.52 lakh new cases have been reported on Sunday, taking the current tally of coronavirus cases in India to more than 1.33 crore. The number of deaths reported is on a rise as well.

The Union Health Ministry said that 27 lakh Covid-19 vaccine doses were administered till Sunday evening on the first day of 'Tika Utsav', a vaccination drive that is taking place from April 11 to April 14. As of now, a total of 10,43,65,035 people in the country have been vaccinated against the disease. 

Recently hundreds of people tested positive for COVID19. This was the case after many devotees went to the River Ganges for the religious festival, Kumbh Mela. Along with the devotees, others in the city are also said to be affected.

Over 1000 people in Haridwar were detected with the virus. On Monday, around 400 people tested positive while on Tuesday, it was 600. This number in Haridwar is increasing every day. Not just such religious events but even the political leaders are not backing away. There were many rallies held in the past month leading to the elections. Thousands of people attend such events, unprotected.

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