Osmania Medical College: Three Junior Doctors Test Positive For Coronavirus In Hyderabad

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HYDERABAD: Three post-graduate students from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad have been tested positive for COVID-19. A first-year PG student who was attending duties at Petlaburj maternity hospital was admitted to Gandhi Hospital as she was tested positive for coronavirus. The other two resident doctors to test positive include an orthopedic PG who had been running a high fever for the last few days and a PG student from the Department of General Surgery.

A PG doctor at Osmania Medical College said that, "The two hostels where the PGs were residing have now turned into a containment zone. While PGs who tested positive are at King Koti Hospital and Gandhi Hospital, others who came in contact with them are quarantined at the hostel."

The three doctors who have been tested positive were to appear for PG examinations from June 28 and has been interacting with other resident doctors in the hostels. The students expressed their concern that they all share a common library and mess and don't know how many have actually been infected with the coronavirus.

Telangana Junior Doctors Association (TJUDA) demanded that examinations be postponed till the coronavirus pandemic comes to a control. TJUDA representative said that, "Students are not mentally prepared to face an exam in a situation like this. There are the chances the virus might have spread to others as all the students share a common library, mess, etc, and holding an exam in this condition will cause more exposure to the PG doctors. Since PGs are now in quarantine, it will be even more difficult to hold the exam on time. Moreover, no other state has declared examination except Telangana."

except Telangana."

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