Omicron Likely To Peak In Feb 2022, Protect And Prevent

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The number of Omicron cases is increasing and the centre said that the variant is at least three times more transmissible than delta. Two scientists behind the Sutra model of tracking the pandemic trajectory in the country said that a mild new covid wave may hit India in February 2022. 

The model's co-founders, Manindra Agrawal of IIT Kanpur and M Vidyasagar of IIT Hyderabad, told India Today that in the worst-case scenario, the daily new cases in February may be in between 1.5 to 1.8 lakhs. If the new Omicron form entirely evades immunity gained naturally or through vaccination, this could happen.

Manindra Agarwal said that "If the situation in South Africa is any indication, the new variant's spread will be rapid and its fall from the peak is immediate. In South Africa, the number of cases increased in three weeks and has already begun to fall. On December 15, the average number of coronavirus cases in South Africa reached more than 23,000 and now the numbers dropped to 20,000. The death toll continues to rise."

The scientists also say that the third wave is likely to be less severe than the second wave and hospitalizations may also be low.

The government of India is taking all the measures to control the spread of a new variant of COVID-19. The centre urged the people to avoid parties and follow strict COVID-19 protocol.

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