Now, Even You Can Get Vaccinated Against COVID Irrespective of Your Age

 - Sakshi Post

The centre has now decided against the vaccination of people at workplaces.  The public and private workplaces across States and Union Territories can come under the COVID19 vaccination process. The vaccination drive for people at workplaces will begin on April 11.

To ensure the availability of the vaccine to more people, the government is now coming up with new ways and ideas. According to the report by Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan, there are a large proportion of people aged 45 years and above who are working in the public and private sectors. They work either in the government or the private offices and are available in different sectors and occupations. We must expand the vaccine reach and go to workplaces now.

People of age 45 and above can get the vaccine at their workplace. The COVID19 vaccine drives should be for the workplaces as well. Any public or private sector offices that have over 100 beneficiaries who are ready to take the vaccine can be tagged with the vaccine centres.

For this plan to take off, the states will have to coordinate and manage with the workplaces. If the employees are ready, they can start the workplace immunization plan. The centre urged all the state and union territories to make necessary arrangements and ensure all the regulations and guidelines are followed.

This will begin on April 11, 2021. According to the guidelines, only people of 45 years and above will be eligible. This includes only the employees and not even their immediate family members. The senior employee or some high position staff will be in touch with the district health authorities. The employee will have to follow all the basic guidelines including registering on the Co-WIN app. For registration, the CVC nodal officer will be helping out.

 At least 50 beneficiaries will have to register for the session to be planned. This is to ensure that the session is fully successful.

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