Now, Even ISKCON Cancels Chinese Orders

 - Sakshi Post

Chinese perfidy in Galwan and Pangang Tso is getting an equal and opposite response not just from the Army, but even from the general public of the country. The government has already banned several Chinese apps in India and has launched an undeclared war on China.

Even religious and spiritual organisations are joining this battle now. The latest to banish China products is ISKCON, the famed Hare Krishna movement. The ISKCON, which is constructing a massive Krishna temple in Kurukshetra at a cost of Rs 100 crore, has almost finalised importing four massive marble horses for the temple. Each horse will be 34 feet tall and 41 metres long. The ISKCON wanted to import them from China. Each horse was to cost Rs 80 lakh.

But with war clouds looming on Indo-China border, ISKCON has decided to cancel this order. It is now planning to get the marble horses from Indonesia instead of China. Kurukshetra ISKCON president Sakshi Gopal Das said that they have taken this decision in view of the Chinese perfidy on India-China border. 

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