No Monkeypox Case Reported In India Yet

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Following the outbreak of COVID 19, a new disease known as Monkeypox is now the cause of major worry for the Indian public. 
There have been many cases recorded across the world and also the spread of Monkeypox cases are increasing each day. 
According to Health officials in India, there are no Monkeypox cases recorded in India yet. The central Health department is taking all precautions to prevent Monkeypox in India. 

Following the alerts of WHO, the Centre has directed premier health institutes like National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) to monitor the situation. Airports are on high alert for any symptomatic travellers from affected countries, despite health experts' concerns that staff may not be prepared to recognise Monkeypox rashes through physical checks.

"During my time at the University Teaching Hospital in Central Africa in the 1980s and 1990s, I clinically diagnosed and treated hundreds of monkeypox patients.  These cases used to arise in clusters throughout every hot-humid season and were rarely hospitalised, possibly because the majority of the population was previously immunised against the smallpox virus. The worldwide smallpox vaccination injection campaign concluded in 1980. However, the rapid development of atypical monkeypox virus in Europe and elsewhere has raised concerns since persons under the age of 40 may not have had smallpox vaccinations globally," said Dr. Subhash Hira, professor of Global Health at the University of Washington-Seattle and advisor to WHO-TDR-Geneva.  Further, he added, “Over 800 million Indians under the age of below 40 years are not vaccinated for smallpox and hence will be vulnerable to monekypox, if they are not taking adequate care and precautions.”

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