Nitish Kumar Unveils Master Plan To Weaken RJD

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JDU chief and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has unveiled his master plan to eat into the support base of opposition RJP. As part of the efforts aimed at wooing the Muslims and Yadavs, the mainstay of the RJD, he has given a large number of tickets to these two communities. If this gamble pays off, it will be a political masterstroke of sorts..

Of the 115 seats allotted to it, the JDU has given 19 seats to Yadavs, the caste to which Lalu Yadav’s son Tejaswi Yadav belongs and 11 seats to Muslims. Thus, they form a formidable block with 30 seats.  Together, the Dalits and Muslims constitute 30 per cent of the voters. Not just that, he has also given tickets to very strong candidates sending out the message that this was no cosmetic move, but a serious one. Among the candidates who were given JDU tickets are Chandrika Roy, former minister and father-in-law of Lalu’s eldest son Tejpratap yadav. He is a seven-time MLA and son of former Bihar CM Daroga Prasad Rai.  Similarly, hugely popular Yadav leader Ramlakhan Singh Yadav’s grandson jaivardhan Yadav too has been given the party ticket.

In the last election too, JDU had 11 Yadav MLAs. There as a total of 61 Yadav MLAs of which the RJD had 42. Similarly, he is wooing the Muslims by promoting the works he had done for the welfare of the Muslims in the  state during the last 10 years of his rule. Nitish wants to divide the Muslim Yadav votes significantly and further weaken RJD.

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