NHAI Will Collect 10 Crore Penalty From Contractors For Bad Roads

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Bad roads and man-holes have been a major cause of accidents in India. Everyday accidents are caused and several die due to the bad roads. The roads are a responsibility of the government and the contractors who take up the project.

In a new policy issued by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), it was said that the contractors and firms who take up the road building projects will be held responsible. The firms will have to pay a fine of a fine between Rs 1 crore and Rs 10 crore, in case of a bad road.

Along with hefty fines, other punishments will also be met out. The contractors could be banned from any of the future road construction projects. This ban could last up to three years, which means during this period of time, they will not be able to bid for any road projects.

In case of any accident, or damage caused due to bad roads, the contractor who is responsible for building and maintaining it will be fined. In case it is a consultancy/firm that has taken up the road’s project they will also face similar penalties.

The consultant will have to pay a hefty fine and they will be banned from future biddings.

Accidents due to bad roads are fairly common in India. Few weeks ago, Union Ayush Minister Sripad Naik died in an accident caused due to a bad road. While the driver was taking a turn, the car skids on the Highway road.

Even open pot-holes are the reason for accidents. A bike will suddenly hit the pot-hole in the middle of the read and lose its balance.

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