New Twist To Hathras Dalit Rape Case

 - Sakshi Post

In a curious twist to the high profile Hathras case, prime accused Sandip Thakur, who is alleged to have raped and killed the Dalit girl, wrote a letter to the Hathras SP claiming complete innocence in the case. He also claimed that he was close to the girl and had never abused her. He said the mother and the brother of the girl had actually killed her and are blaming it on him and his friends.

In the letter, Sandip claimed that he and the girl were friends and used to converse often. On the ill-fated day too, he went over to the girl and spoke to the girl. After returning from the place, the girls mother and brother went to her and later she was found dead., he claimed in the letter.

The police confirmed that Sandip Thakur did write a letter in Hindi to the police. They said the letter was sent to the superintendent of Hathras. Predictably, the parents and the brother of the girl have hotly denied the allegation of Sandip.

It may be recalled that on September 15, a Dalit girl was allegedly raped and then killed in the agricultural fields in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. The issue became a national sensation with the Congress and Dalit organisations claiming that the girl was a victim of upper caste atrocities and also because of the police decision to cremate the girl at  2 AM in utter secrecy.

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