New COVID-19 Vaccine Novavax Is 90% Effective

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Maryland based Novavax on Monday said that its vaccine had demonstrated 100 per cent protection in late-stage trials against SARS-CoV-2- a boost for the prospects of its Indian version, Covovax. The efficacy of the vaccine was 90.4%. The cost of Novavax vaccine is expected to be Rs 1,114 per dose. According to the company, preliminary data showed that the Novavax is 90 percent effective and safe. The sideeffects included headache, tiredness, and muscle pain.

While Bharat Biotech's Covaxin had a 78 percent efficacy rate, international clinical trials of SII's Covishield revealed that when participants were given a half dose and subsequently a full dose, effectiveness reached 90%. The Lancet report said that Russia’s Sputnik V gives around 92 per cent protection against Covid-19.

Novavax trials have been conducted on 29,960 persons in the US and Mexico. According to the reports, 20 crore Novavax shots can be available during September-December and the number may increase. Novavax named Covavax in India is in the advanced stages of Phase 2/3. India is likely to proceed with the rollout of Novavax soon with Serum Institute as manufacturing partner on the basis of strong interim data.

The vaccine has showed better results among the people above 65 years of age and also under 65 with certain comorbidities or having life circumstances with frequent COVID-19 exposure. The vaccine should be given in two doses and need to stored between two to eight degrees Celsius. It is very easy to store and transport, so it is going to play a key role in boosting vaccine supplies in the developing countries. 

The Chief Executive Officer of the American biotechnology company said on Monday,"It should be noted… that, given that we’ve got a commitment of 1.1 billion doses with COVAX along with our partner Serum Institute (of India), a lot of our first doses are going to go into low- and middle-income countries, as they should."

Dr VK Paul, Niti Aayog Member (Health) and Chairman of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration (NEGVAC) said last month that the Serum Institute of India (SII) intends to start clinical trial of the Novavax vaccine on children and Bharat Biotech has received permission for pediatric trial.

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