Netizens Praise Teacher For Using Refrigerator Tray To Teach Online Class

 - Sakshi Post

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lifestyle of people. Educational institutions have been closed ever since the pandemic has started. The COVID-19 crisis caused classes to move completely online. Education has been impacted a lot due to the pandemic. Teachers and students are facing a lot of problems with the online classes but there is no other option. Teachers are trying different methods to make online teaching more convenient and enlightening for students.

A photo of a teacher who used an innovative way to teach a class has gone viral on social media. The photo shows the teacher taking an online lesson with her mobile placed on a transparent refrigerator tray. She can be seen solving problems on a sheet that is held under a tray which is placed on two containers.  

A Twitter user shared the photo on the micro-blogging site and captioned it as, "A teacher using a refrigerator tray to teach online." Here is the photo.

The tweet has garnered more than 4K likes and netizens have also flooded it with comments. One user said, "My respects to such an innovative mind. None can complete with jugaad of Indian women.  They have always created magic with the bare minimum.  In professions, they will shine like the sun in the coming years."

Another user wrote, "See the dedication she has towards her job!!! Respect."

Here is one more tweet that reads,"Our compliments to the innovative spirit of the teacher. Truly managing change though silently, deserving for recognition and an award for dedication."

A user wrote, "Sad state of teachers in this country schools haven't provided proper equipments to them, I wonder how many tier 2 n 3 city teachers have quality smartphones or laptops, and paucity of digital literacy along with meager pay ...won't be surprised if children learn shoddy stuff."

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