Nepalese Hikers Cleared Tons Of Waste From Himalayan Peaks During Lockdown

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It was not just about sitting at home wondering what to do during the lockdown. While many people took this opportunity to relax and finally take some time off, many decided to do something good. The lockdown brought a lot of free time for the people and everyone utilized it in their own way.

One such amazing thing that happened during the lockdown was something that the Nepalese climbers did. Back in September 2020, the climber decided to get rid of the waste on mountain tops. It was an initiative taken up by the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation.

In September 2020, the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation started an initiative. Around 12 Nepalese climbers went on to the mountain tops and removed tons of waste. This project involved cleaning the peaks in the Himalayas. It went on for 47 days with a total of 12 climbers managed to clear at least 2.2 tons of waste.

As we all know, thousands of people try to scale the Himalayas peak. This involves a lot of preparation and setting up. Every year, hundreds of individuals come here for camping or mountain peak expedition. During this time, they set up camps and make other preparations. All this leads to the mountain becoming polluted.

The drive by Outlook Foundation was to begin in early 2020 but the pandemic and the lockdown ruined their plans. The drive was then shifted to September. Under this initiative, they managed to clean the Cho Oyu peak and the base camps there. The other was the Makalu and the Lhotse peaks in the Himalayas. This project not just helped clean the mountains but also helped the people.

Everyone who helped in the drive was rewarded. Through this initiative, the people who lost their source of income during the lockdown were able to make some money, home. Many people got employment through this.

This was not just a one-time thing. The foundation has confirmed that they will be coming back with Phase-2 of this initiative. This time their team will go to other mountain peaks including Kanchenjunga, Manaslu and Annapurna. They will continue the drive in 2021 as well.

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