Mumbai: Shiv Sena Activist Demands Karachi Sweets Outlet Be Renamed

Nitin Nandgaonkar,a Shiv Sena activist  - Sakshi Post

MUMBAI: A video has gone viral on social media wherein Nitin Nandgaonkar, a Shiv Sena activist, is seen going to an outlet of Karachi Sweets in the Bandra West area of Mumbai and demanding the owner change its name to “something in Marathi”. 

The Sena leader says that he hates the word ‘Karachi’ because of its association with Pakistan. In the video, the owner of Karachi Sweets is heard telling Nandgaonkar that his family had migrated from Karachi. To which Nandgaonkar responds, ”We hate the word Karachi. It’s the place of terrorists in Pakistan so you need to change this name.

Towards the end, he tells the owner that he will return after 15 days and that he can contact him if he needs any kind of assistance in changing the name. Responding to his demands, the outlet covered the word ‘Karachi’ with newspapers, as per an ANI report.

Nandgaonkar himself shared a video of the incident on his Facebook account on Wednesday and ever since then, the video has gone viral on other platforms sparking an outage on social media. "People have a right to be proud of their origin. Karachi has centuries old history unlike the country it's been part of since '47. Btw there is a Bombay bakery in Pakistan as well and no one ever asked them to change their name...think about it replied one user in repsonse to the video he shared.

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