Mumbai: Police Arrest Man Who Performed Handstand On 22nd Floor

 - Sakshi Post

MUMBAI: A video of a man peforming dangerous stunts on the narrow ledge of a high rise building went viral. Now, the young man was arrested by the police for performing stunts on the 22nd floor of the building. He did a handstand and one of his friends filmed the stunt. The man was identified as Noman D'Souza.

The video, widely shared on social media. In the video, one could see Noman sipping an energy drink, sitting on the edge of the 22nd floor of Bharat SRA building  and then jumps on the ledge. Later he performs a handstand. The video has come under the radar of the authorities and the local police registered a a case against Noman D'Souza and two of his friends.

We have seen many people ending their lives globally every year while attempting to take selfies. Most of the youngsters try to take selfies and record videos to become popular on social media.

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