Money Heist Fans Thrilled After Indian Company Gives Off to Binge Watch Netflix Series

Money Heist - Netflix - Jaipur - Sakshi Post

The company provides employees with time off to watch 'Money Heist' in Jaipur.

JAIPUR: A Jaipur-based software firm has chosen to offer its employees a Friday off so that they may watch the new season of Money Heist, a Netflix web series, over the weekend.

Instead of allowing staff to take mass vacations to watch the web series, Verve Logic's CEO opted to offer everyone a day off. The confirmation of the same went viral on social media, and OTT platform Netflix praised the concept, calling it "fantastic."

Verve Logic CEO Abhishek Jain dubbed September 3 the 'Netflix And Chill Holiday. "While I myself am a fan of the web series Money Heist, most of my staff are equally fond of it. Keeping in mind the past few months and the working conditions because of the pandemic, I felt that everyone needed a break to lighten up. Hence, I thought that everyone should get a long weekend starting Friday."

Jain, 42, is in charge of a workforce that is mostly in their twenties. "We started coming to the office again in the last couple of months and the positive reaction to this holiday has made me think that this will not be a one time thing. We want to keep coming up with similar happy surprises", Jain, who is excited about the weekend, added.

Jain said in the letter that went viral, "Moments of Chill be the Best Pills for Energy at Work. So grab the popcorn and be prepared to wave a final bye to our most loved professor and the entire caste."

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