Modi Says, 'Lockdown Lifted But Coronavirus Still There'

 - Sakshi Post

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on Tuesday said that everyone should be careful and the lockdown might have been lifted in the country but the virus is still out there. The Prime Minister has addressed the nation many times during the coronavirus crisis in which he has spoken about how to put an end to the pandemic and also announced economic and welfare packages.

In his seventh address to the nation since the coronavirus outbreak, Modi said that,“We must keep in mind that lockdown may have ended but the virus is still here. This is not time to be careless or to believe that COVID-19 has ended. If you are careless and moving around without a mask, you are putting yourself, children and the elderly at risk.”

He further added that, "Many people have stopped taking precautions now. This is not right. If you are careless, walking out without a mask, then you are putting yourself, your family, your family’s children, the elderly in as much trouble."

Modi said that, "COVID-19 fatality rate in India is 83 per million population, while the figure is more than 600 in countries like USA, Brazil and Spain."

He said that, "Today, recovery rate in the country is good, the fatality rate is low. India is succeeding in saving the lives of more of its citizens than the resource-rich countries of the world. The growing number of tests has been a major strength in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic."

Prime Minister said that, "Till now we have succeeded fully, please don't be negligent. Till the COVID-19 vaccine does not come, we should not let our fight against this pandemic weaken."

Narendra Modi said that, "After many years, work is being done on a war footing to save mankind. Several countries are working on this. Even Indian scientists are working hard to produce a COVID-19 vaccine. Work is being done on several COVID-19 vaccines in India. Some of these are even in advanced stages of trials."

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