Migrant Crisis: Heart Wrenching! Toddler Tries To Wake Up Dead Mother

 - Sakshi Post

PATNA: In one of the most heart breaking clip that is surfacing online, a baby was seen playing with a shroud covering its dead mother at Muzaffarpur station in Bihar.

This clip is one among from the countless heart breaking stories of migrants stranded by the coronavirus lockdown, who are unemployed and desperate for food and water.

In a clip, the baby tugs at the cloth placed over his mother's body. The cloth comes off but his mother remains motionless.

According to reports, the 23-year-old woman had arrived here in a special train for migrants on Monday. She reportedly died due to extreme heat and hunger.  She had been unwell on the train because of the lack of food and water. She had taken a train from Gujarat on Sunday. Shortly before the train arrived at Muzaffarpur station on Monday, she died, reports said.

Apart from this woman, a two-year-old child also died at the same due to heat and inadequate food. Reportedly the child's family arrived from Delhi to Muzaffarpur on Sunday.

Lakhs of migrant workers and their families were left unemployed, without food, water and shelter after India went into shutdown in late March. Without jobs or money, the migrants set out for their homes thousands of kilometers away, walking or on cycles, autos or trucks. Many lost their lives before they could reach homes, either in road accidents or from hunger.

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