Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine For Delhi Residents Returning From Kumbh Mela

 - Sakshi Post

The Delhi government announced earlier that all the residents of the state that are returning from Kumbh Mela in Haridwar must undergo home quarantine for 14 days. This is mandatory for all who attended the festival.

On Saturday, the Arvind Kejriwal government made this announcement. All the Mela returnees should submit their details including name, age, and address on to the government portal. ( It is compulsory for all and action will be taken against those who do not adhere to these regulations.

It was reported that hundreds of people tested positive for COVID19 in Haridwar. Last Monday, around 400 people tested positive while on Tuesday, it was 600. This number in Haridwar is increasing every day. Even though the situation is significantly worse and there is a risk of contracting the virus, many people are attending religious events and political rallies.

When it was reported that the Kumbh Mela received permission to be held this year, officials confirmed that things will proceed while following the COVID19 guidelines. People will adhere to wearing a mask and social distancing regulations. Cops will be present in case of an emergency. While this is what the Uttarakhand government said before the Mela began, it can certainly be seen that most of the rules were not followed.

The Uttarakhand government or BJP, in general, is not realizing what situation they are in. The Kumbh Mela incident is something that puts thousands of people at risk. Nothing can be said as of now but the situation that has already gotten out of hands might become even worse if a solid decision isn’t taken.

Every day the number of cases is increasing. The situation is particularly bad in states like Maharashtra, Kerala and others. Now that hundreds of people have tested positive for COVID19 near the Mela, it has subsequently increased that number.

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