Made in India: COVID Medicine In Oral Form

 - Sakshi Post

The spread of coronavirus has increased in the past few months. New variants have also been found and the vaccine rollout has not been done in all the countries. According to the reports, out of all the nations, 122 countries have started their vaccination drive. But the pace is not very favourable. More people have to get immunized but it is difficult for the manufacturers to make so many doses at once.

With the increase in cases and the need to roll out the vaccines at a faster pace, there is a need for new methods. The health experts are busy trying to come up with alternatives. In a recent report, it was said by the World Health Organization (WHO) that later this year, an improved version of the COVID19 vaccine will come out that does not require needles.

Now new ideas are coming up and the latest addition to this is the oral version of the COVID19 vaccine. There are chances of a capsule form of the vaccine coming up. This is being developed by Indian pharma company Premas Biotech.

It was reported that Indian pharma company Premas Biotech has collaborated with American company Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. They have an oral COVID19 vaccine candidate and the results have been rather good. It is a single dose capsule that works just like the needle vaccine.

Oravax Covid-19 capsule is currently in its trial stages. The trails with animals yielded good results. The immune response and efficiency were both good.

Dr Prabuddha Kundu is the co-founder and managing director of Premas Biotech and said that they are in the trial stages and the next stage of the trails will begin in the latter quarter of 2021.

Along with this capsule version of the vaccine, Bharat Biotech is currently in its trial stages for the nasal version of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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