Madakasira: Youth Set Up COVID Helpline

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In Madakasira, a group of young people banded together to establish a helpline.

Since Madakasira is close to Bengaluru, many infected people were returning to their villages and spreading the disease.

Anantapur: In the Madakasira region of the Anantapur district, a group of techies and their friends have been on a mission to create trust among the Covid -19 patients through various modes. The region is close to Bengaluru, which is experiencing a panic situation as a large number of Covid positive cases and deaths are registered every day.

In such a situation, a few IT workers, medical and nursing practitioners, and their friends from the Madakasira Assembly segment thought it was their social duty to serve society. 

Bhaskar Kantipuram, a techie who works from home in his village of Kantipuram in Madakasira Mandal, recruited others to help Covid patients in the town.

Dr. Yashwanth from Tumkur Hospital, software engineers Kumar, Rena Prate, Vera Prasad, Nuveen, a nursing student, Rajesh Babe, an agriculture graduate, and Dhanunjay, all from the Madakasira segment, are working together to create a Covid care call centre, which will provide vital information to patients. They're reaching out to people who work in the Assembly segment's interior. In addition, the Assembly segment's five mandals each received a few volunteers from the centre.

"We are helping them by providing free medical advice, treatment regimens and even medical consultations in severe circumstances. We learnt that tens of hundreds of people recovered from the Covid-19, staying at home without any hospitalization," Bhaskar said.

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in rural areas, and providing care and Covid management advice to them has become critical. Since the government's medical infrastructure was overburdened, the youth decided to do their part to help people, he said. Since Madakasira is so close to Bengaluru, many infected people were returning to their villages and spreading the disease.

Bhaskar explained that the call centre and volunteers were educating the public about the virus and informing them about what to do and who to contact in an emergency. "We are ready to serve round-the-clock if the situation demands," added Bhaskar.

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