Lawyer Fined Rs 500 For Not Wearing Mask While Driving Alone, Moves HC And Seeks Rs 10 Lakh Compensation

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NEW DELHI: An advocate has moved the Delhi high court after he was fined Rs 500 for not wearing a mask while driving alone in his car. He has sought Rs 10 lakh as compensation.


According to Bar and Bench, the petitioner advocate Saurabh Sharma, said that on September 9, while on his way to his office was stopped near Geeta Colony by Delhi Police officials. As one of the officials took his photo while he was still sitting at his car and then asked him to get down.

In his petition, he wrote that they asked him to pay Rs 500 for not wearing a mask under the offence of not wearing a mask in public place.

Although he tried to tell them that since he was travelling alone, he had not committed any offence, they did not listen to him and a challan was issued. He paid the fine.

Saurabh in his petition argued that the “unjust and illegal stopping” and "extortion" of fine caused “huge mental turmoil and harassment”, and that he not only sought refund of his fine but also for grant of compensation of Rs 10,00,000 from the Delhi Government.

In his petition before the Court, the Petitioner has submitted that there could be no challan for not wearing a mask in a personal, private vehicle while travelling alone as it is not a “public place”.

“..wearing a mask while sitting alone in the car is not a hazard to anyone’s health and safety but wearing it all the time even when a person is alone is certainly a health hazard for oneself," the petition reads, as quoted by the portal.

The matter would be heard next on November 18.

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