Last Date to Link PAN Card With Aadhaar Or Pay 10K Fine

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Every Indian citizen will need to link their PAN and Aadhaar card. The last date has been set as 31st March 2021. There isn’t much time to get this done. Unless the Income Tax Department decides to change the date and extend further, the date remains 31st March. So it is better that you link the PAN and Aadhaar card before that.

According to the details provided by the Income Tax Department, any inoperative PAN card holder is likely to face trouble. They will face penalties under the Income Tax Act. Any PAN card holder that didn’t link their PAN and Aadhaar will be penalized. You will have to pay a fine amount as high as Rs 10,000.

Not linking PAN and Aadhaar cards will be problematic for the citizens. For any person to take advantage of Bank services, they need to have a PAN card. For opening a new account, deposit and withdrawing cash more than Rs. 50,000, all these things require a PAN card. In case, the PAN and Aadhaar are not linked, it will be seen as an inoperative PAN card. That means you cannot avail the services. Plus, a fine of Rs. 10,000 will also be imposed.

A PAN card is very important. It is used in most of the important places, especially in banks. So to continue taking advantage of such services, it is best that you link the PAN and Aadhaar at the earliest, preferably before March 31st.

If you wish to do so via SMS, go through the following steps. This is an easy method and doesn’t take much time.

How to link PAN and Aadhaar Card

This process requires you to send an SMS.

Type UIDAIPAN(12digit Aadhaar number) space (10 digit PAN Number) and send it to 567678 or 56161.

You can either send the SMS to 567678 or 56161.

(There shouldn’t be a space between “UIDAIPAN” and your “Aadhaar number.” Space will come between Aadhaar and PAN number.)


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