Lakshadweep Denies Entry To Congress MPs

 - Sakshi Post

Congress MPs were banned from entering Lakshadweep.

According to the administration, the visit was an effort to disrupt peace.

The Lakshadweep Administration denied Congress MPs Hibi Eden and TN Prathapan's entry permit application, claiming that their presence "for political activities" will "disturb" the island's peaceful atmosphere.

The administration also warned that the visit might result in a "surge in Covid-19 cases." The government went on to say that the objective of the MPs' visit—"to understand problems faced by islanders due to new policies of the administration," appears to be "political action."

‘Will approach Parliament’

Prathapan lashed out at the Lakshadweep government, saying that if their entry is denied, they will go to the state high court and discuss the Lakshadweep matter in Parliament.

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