Know Why Roopa IPS Is Trending On Twitter?

 - Sakshi Post

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut took to her Twitter and tweeted that, "Government appoints people like Roopa IPS to protect fundamental rights of commoners, but look at her obnoxious ignorance like a sore loser she became so vengeful that if she couldn’t win the arguments with facts she simply got @TIinExile  eliminated." Here is the tweet.

The hashtag #Roopa is trending on Twitter.  One of the users wrote that she has spent November 16th and 17th arguing on Twitter. Another user wrote,  "Although @D_Roopa_IPS  is one of the informed officers of India the manner of her engagement with @TIinExile  was disappointing: TI is an extremely knowledgeable individual; the style of TI may be a little sharp, but to suspend this TL is very unfair. #BringBackTrueIndology."

On November 16th, Roopa tweeted that, "Ananda Ramayan itself was a collection that was written later, around 15th century. Yes, by then whatever practices were there at that time, including crackers will find mention. This is not from original Valmiki Ramayan. " She tagged TIinExile and tweeted,  "Pls show one sloka/couplet from mool Ramayan by Valmiki or even Mahabharat,or any ancient scripture that crackers were in use at that time. If u show, I will apologise. Else, u apologise for saying I have zero knowledge."

She further wrote, "Please share original references from these texts in Sanskrit that you have quoted. Saltpetre, the gun powder may have existed. But the issue we are talking is about crackers, isn't it? And why make sweeping generalisation on IPS officers."

Here are some more tweets from her account.

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