Know About Meri Saheli Teams That Provide Security To Lady Passengers At Railway Stations

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Railway Protection Force, RPF has deployed 244 Meri Saheli teams at major railway stations across India to provide security to lady passengers in all long-distance trains on Mumbai, Secunderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Howrah, and Jaipur routes.

At the end of the journey of lady passengers, RPF collects feedback from them to assess the efficacy of the initiative, according to the Railway Ministry. Other preventive measures, such as train security, CCTV systems at 840 stations and nearly 4,000 coaches, and regular drives against unauthorized passengers in ladies coaches, are also being implemented, according to the Ministry. RPF, which is responsible for the security of railway property, passenger areas, and passengers, has been working round the clock to ensure that passengers have a safe, secure, and comfortable journey.

During the year 2021, the RPF arrested nearly 3,000 criminals involved in offenses against passengers and handed them over to the concerned authorities. Last year, the RPF detained 8,744 people involved in such crimes, resulting in the recovery of stolen railway property valued at roughly Rs. 6 crores.

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