Khushboo Insults Congress More While Apologising

 - Sakshi Post

Actress Khushboo, who joined the BJP the other day, is turning out to be a clever communicator. The other day, she said that the Congress party was a party of  mentally retarded people. She said that the leaders of the party were mentally retarded and did not discharge their duties well.

Expectedly the Congress was furious. It said Khushboo should not speak like this about a party that she was the spokesperson of till recently. How can she call the party leaders mentally retarded, they asked. Soon several organisations of mentally handicapped persons raised their voice and criticised Khusboo. The Congress thought of making this a big issue and put her on the mat.

However, Khusboo quickly apologised for her remarks. She expressed apologies for commenting on the physically handicapped and mentally retarded people. She apologised to the mentally retarded people and the organisations that work among and for them.

But the interesting thing is that she did not apologise to the Congress party for the comments. Her apologies were for the mentally retarded people and not to the Congress. Before  the Congress could realise what was happening, she closed the controversy, but stood her ground on the Congress leaders.

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