Kerala Man Seeks E-pass To Venture Out, The Reason Will Shock You

 - Sakshi Post

As India battles the escalating second wave of coronavirus, several states have imposed stringent controls and lockdowns to restore the situation to normalcy. Inter-state travelers have been instructed to obtain e-passes in case of an emergency.

In an unusual incident, Kerala police received a weird appeal from a man for an e-pass. The resident of Irinave in Kannur's Kannapuram applied for an e-pass application and said that he needed to go out for sex. The man wanted to visit a location in Kannur in the evening.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police has notified the application and ordered the police to summon the person for questioning.

The person admitted that it was a mistake and that he did not correct the "spelling error" before submitting the final application. He said he meant to write ‘six o clock,' but it was misspelled as 'sex'. "The man was released after accepting his apologies and was told not to apply for an e-pass for non-essential purposes."

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