Kerala Car With Family of 4 Plunges Into Canal After Following Google Maps

 - Sakshi Post

Nowadays, most of the people are using Google Maps and are following the directions to reach a particular place. Google Maps have made life easier, but a family was put in trouble after following the directions shown on Google Maps. A family of four, including a three-month-old baby plunged into a canal while following Google Maps in Kerala.

According to the reports, the driver of the vehicle was following Google Maps and suddenly he landed in a flooded area. The locals who have noticed the incident saved the victims including Dr. Soniya, her three-month-old daughter, mother Sosamma, and relative Anish from their car as it drifted in the canal's moving water.

The family purportedly was using Google Maps for direction and when they reached a canal near Parachal, Maps recommended driving straight. However, the driver of the vehicle couldn't notice the curve ahead and the car fell into the canal. The family was returning to Kumbanad from Ernakulam when the accident took place.

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