Karnataka Shuchi Scheme: School Girls to Get Sanitary Napkins 

 - Sakshi Post

Recently the High Court directed the Karnataka government to bring the Suchi scheme in the state. Under this, all the young girls will be eligible to get free sanitary pads in school. Such a scheme is very important for awareness regarding hygiene.

This was to be implemented earlier but due to the financial problems, it was not possible. A PIL was filed in 2018. A bench headed by Justice B V Nagarathna decided on this scheme. He asked the state government to give report latest by May 31.

Even today many girls do not know about basic hygiene and care that they need to take during mensuration time. Under the Suchi scheme, the young adolescent girls will be provided with proper toilets and sanitary napkins. This will be implemented in their schools. For this, the first thing is to get a list of girls in such schools and then place an order for the required number of napkins.

The Karnataka government confirmed that they got the sanitary napkins and will distribute them later in the schools. As the situation is not good and chances are that schools will not be open, then the distribution process will be carried out individually, giving the napkins to the girls at their home.

Under the Suchi scheme, the main aim is to empower adolescent girls especially in the age group of 10 to 19 years. This is mainly aimed towards rural girls who do not know much and have no access to these important hygiene items. They generally travel long distances to reach the school. On those three to five days, it becomes difficult for them to attend school. So to ensure that they can still go on those days, the government planned for this scheme.

Furthermore, under this scheme, the focus will also be on the construction of separate toilets for girls in the school. Many schools in rural and remote areas do not have separate toilet for girls. So according to the report submitted, construction of toilets will also take place.

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