Karnataka Permits Uninhibited Movement of Oxygen Tankers As Supplies Take A Hit

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Karnataka is facing a shortage in oxygen supply and to deal with the situation, some major decisions were taken earlier. Commerce and Industries Minister Jagadish Shettar made some important announcements. Every department in the state will have to work together and co-operate well.

The transport, tax and manufacturing departments, everyone will work together for this. Shettar met distributors from the state to talk with them about the situation. He shared that when oxygen tanks are being transported; there should be no disturbance or queries from the RTO (regional transport office) or the district administration. National Highway Authority of India has been instructed not to stop these tanks for collection of toll-fee.

These tankers will have a special sticker that will help the highway authorities in recognizing medical supply trucks. The tanks will be allowed to move freely as it is for medical emergencies. There has been a request placed for increasing the capacity of the tankers. Around 33 nitrogen tankers and 16 argon tankers received permission from the state to transport oxygen.

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Shettar further requested the board to immediately provide power to the new manufacturing plants so that the production can begin soon. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) were asked to set up a plant in Karnataka in the coming week.

As the Covid cases rise, the hospitals are facing a difficult situation. They are running out of oxygen cylinders. Recent reports from the Bengaluru hospitals claim that the oxygen supply has completely dried up.

This situation has caused a problem in many hospitals. Patients are now under the critical condition as they are not getting enough oxygen supply. Many hospitals have several patients in serious condition but not even enough oxygen cylinders for half of them.

To deal with this situation, the state government is now deciding on increasing the manufacture and transport.

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