Karnataka Mulls Aerial Spraying of Disinfectants in Bengaluru

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Karnataka state government has announced a project to spray disinfectants on urban settings by specially designed aeroplanes as a part of sanitation works to control the spread of Coronavirus. This project has been put on hold after experts raised concerns over the effects of disinfectants on people.

This aerial spraying project is about spraying organic disinfectants from a height of 1,000 feet to control the spread of Covid through the air. Aerial works Aero LLP, a private company demonstrated that the initial plan was to spray over Shivajinagar and KR Market areas, and if feasible, extend it to other areas.

The company said that PerSapien Super Iodised water and ‘Sugaradhana Organic Antimicrobial Concentrate', a non-alcoholic surface sanitiser, are the liquids proposed to be sprayed. This solution remains in the air for a long duration and can limit the virus spread in the air.

Experts say the technology should not be used on humans without proper field testing in unmanned areas, risk assessment and public consultation. Aerial spraying should be considered only after a detailed analysis proves that the disinfectants cause no harm to humans, animals and plants on contact, further said the experts.

The company said that PerSapien Super Iodised water is a disinfectant approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and studies have shown that it is safe for use on skin and surfaces. It was found to be safe for the skin with no side effects and certified by Radiant Research and other organic government bodies, the company states.

It is learned that an aircraft will be used for spraying over an area of 300 hectares in an hour. It has a capacity of 1,000 litres of disinfectants which comes to Jakkur aerodrome every 20 minutes for refuelling.  

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