Karnataka: Dalit Man Stripped, Beaten Up For Touching Upper Caste Man Bike

screengrab - Sakshi Post

BENGALURU: In yet another caste atrocity incident in 21st century India, a Dalit man was thrashed with sticks and shoes in Vijayapura district of Karnataka for allegedly touching a bike belonging to an upper caste man. The incident took place just 530 kms away from the state's capital Bengaluru on Saturday, July 18.

According to a report by a leading channel, the man was pinned to the ground and allegedly stripped and beaten up along with his family.

In the video, some men are seen holding the Dalit man while others rain blows on him. Other men are seen beating the family.

The Dalit man, after the incident, went to the police station and filed a complaint.

A case of atrocity was reported in in Talikote yesterday on the man who is from Minaji village, senior police officer Anupam Aggarwal told the channel.

Police added that he had allegedly touched the bike belonging to an upper caste man. Around 13 men assaulted him and his family members.

Police have registered a complaint against 13 men under SC/ST Act and sections 143,147, 324, 354, 504, 506, 149 of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

It must be noted that as the COVID-19 norms are still in place, the accused flouted all rules, including maintaining physical distance as well as some were even seen not wearing masks.

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