Karnataka 10th Standard Students Want Multiple Choice Questions in SSLC Exams

 - Sakshi Post

There were many changes made to the education system and the overall exam pattern. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, exams were not conducted properly. Studies suffered as the classes were held online and there was a lack of practice. Because the students and teachers were not able to complete the syllabus properly, there were many changes made to the exam pattern.

The SSLC exams ended on Thursday, June 22. The paper pattern this time was different when compared to previous years. This time the students have Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in the question paper. This was to ease their tension and burden since the studies were greatly hindered due to Coronavirus.

Now that the exams have concluded, students can take a breath of relief. But they also have another request to make. The kids loved this kind of question paper pattern and requested the education department to make this permanent. Instead of writing lengthy answers and having a short time to do that, the MCQ pattern is better as it gives enough time to the students to answer.

Some of the students shared that most of the competitive exams are also held in MCQ format then why not make them comfortable with this pattern, early on. You either go with the MCQ form or lengthy answers, it is the same. All that matters is that you test the kid’s knowledge.

It was a request by the students that this kind of format is continued for future exams as well. This will also help the future batches. As of now, there has been no confirmation made. The education department will decide on this.

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