Justice For Kamaraj Trends After Zomato Sacks Delivery Boy Over False Assault Charge

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The Zomato delivery guy case has become a nationwide topic. The details are varying every day with the incident being shared in various ways by both parties. The girl is saying one thing and the guy said another story. The nation as well is divided on this. But most of the people are saying just one thing and it is that Zomato should give back the man’s job.

Many are now taking the side of the delivery boy and have pointed out that the Instagram influencer Hitesha Chandranee’s story is full of loopholes. Many came forward to raise their voice in the favor of the Zomato delivery man and said that it is not always that the woman is correct. You should also listen to the man’s side of the story.

Netizens are angry that Zomato suspended the poor man even when the investigation is still going on and nothing has been proved as of yet. Kamaraj comes from a poor background and works as a delivery agent to look after his family. Plus his Zomato rating is really good. On the app, he has over 4.5-star rating and most of the times, customers only had positive things to say about him.

People on social media are now trying to get details of the incident and questioned Hitesha that a person who has been working with the company for so long and has an excellent rating, suddenly decided to randomly punch the customer and that too, a girl?

A Twitter user wrote, “The mark on your nose doesn’t come from someone punching. It is clearly a cut from a sharp object. Like the delivery, guy said it is the ring she was wearing.”

Another user said that while the girl was cooking up stories to gain some thousand followers, this man’s whole life is getting destroyed. “You got 30 thousand followers on your insta in few hours. Wow, mam. Your story worked. But this man lost his job and the sad part is no one will listen to him.”

Netizens are now demanding that Zomato give Kamaraj his job back and in the end, if the investigation proves something, then the company can take an action. But for now, they should take back the suspension as it is 'innocent until proven guilty.' 

What Happened?

Instagram influencer Hitesha Chandranee shared a video in which she alleged that a Zomato delivery guy behaved in a rough manner with her. The delivery person was so angry that he pushed the door. The man snatched the food package from the table and punched her before fleeing away.

Kamaraj shared that he asked her to pay the bill after serving her lunch. I also apologized for being late due to a traffic jam. But she refused to take the food. I was then informed that she had cancelled the order. I asked for the food packet to be returned. Meanwhile, she started getting violent and in the process, the ring on her finger touched the nose and started bleeding.

Here is Kamaraj's Video 

In the video, he shares that he has no intention of filing any complaint but only wants to live his life peacefully. The only thing that he wishes for is to return back to his job as his family needs the money. 

Tweets in Kamaraj's Support 

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