Jaipur Wife Catches Husband Red-handed With Lover, Shares His Nude Pictures With Family and Friends

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A man was caught redhanded by his wife while he was with his lover in a lodge. The incident took place in Jaipur of Rajasthan. According to the reports, a CRPF Jawan who has been staying along with his wife in Jaipur has an illegal relationship. The wife who got doubt over her husband's behaviour kept an eye on him. One day, she followed him. He went to a lodge and she also followed him. With the help of a duplicate key, she opened the door of the room in the lodge and was shocked to find her husband with his lover. She took the video of it and shared it with a few. The video went viral on all social media platforms.

A CRPF Jawan and his wife have been staying in Jaipur. She was working as a teacher in a school. It is said that her husband has a lover and he used to speak with her over the phone regularly. The woman decided to catch her husband red-handedly. One day, she came to know that her husband was going to a lodge to meet his lover. She spoke with the authorities of the lodge and opened the door of the room with another key. She took the video of her husband who was in an intimate condition with his lover. She shared the videos with some of her friends and family members and now these videos are going viral on all social media platforms. The lover of the man who was caught red-handed filed a defamation case on the woman. Police of Sastri Nagar have registered a complaint and are investigating all the angles to know the exact truth.

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