IT Employees Have to Book Their Workstations Before Resuming Office

 - Sakshi Post

The dangerous COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire situation. People are getting used to the new normal now—wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and following safety measures. Their working style too has changed. Ever since coronavirus pandemic started, most of the IT employees are working from home. Now, with the changing times, some of the IT firms are planning to reopen their companies. If that happens, the management of companies have to ready new safety guidelines in line with the pandemic protocols. The concept of employees working five days in a week may change and the employee may visit the office twice or thrice a week. So, companies are planning to turn the desk and cubicles into a common workspace wherein anyone can sit and work, but they need to reserve the place.

Here comes the use of 'Desk Booking' software. Employees are assigned to a certain workspace for a day or more. They can book a desk ahead of time, a practice known as hoteling using the desk booking software. Few others can get the desk on a first-come, first-served basis and this process is called hot desking.

The health condition of the employee is assessed on the basis of five or six self-declared parameters. The employee has to give the status of vaccination, health condition and other parameters. He/She will be provided a seat once they enter the correct credentials and a barcode is given to the person. After showing the barcode, he/she will be allowed to enter the office.

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