India's Health Ministry Changes Gap Between Two Doses of Vaccination

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The Covid19 vaccine drive is going on at a good pace in India. Many states are even holding a mass vaccination drive to speed up the process and get vaccinated as many people as possible. Recently the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that a person can take around 28 days gap between two doses of Covishield. The gap time between two doses of vaccine keeps changing depending on the situation.

Initially, it started as 28 days gap between the first and second dose. Then the 1-month gap was extended to three months, i.e. 12 weeks. Now the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has said that those who want to travel abroad can take their vaccine shots with a gap of 28 days and be done with the inoculation process.

The Ministry has also directed all the states and Union Territories to carry out the vaccination accordingly. Those who are going for educational purpose or work or any other important competition are allowed. You can complete the 28 days gap time and take the second dose, no need to wait till 3 months. 

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A statement issued by the Ministry read, “Taking note of the several representations received by the Ministry for allowing administration of the second dose of Covishield for such persons who have only taken the first dose of Covishield and are seeking to undertake international travel for educational purposes or employment opportunities or as part of India`s contingent for Tokyo Olympic Games, but whose planned travel dates fall before completion of the currently mandated minimum interval of 84 days from the date of the first dose, the Ministry has written to states/UTs to facilitate vaccination of such persons.”

Any student going for educational purposes, individuals who have a job in a foreign country, sportsperson and those attending the International Olympic Games be held in Tokyo fall under this exemption category. After making necessary checks and depending on the reason for travel, a person will be allowed to take the second shot before 84 days.

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