India's COVID Fatalities Declines, Vaccines Working?

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When you are fully vaccinated, the chances of getting Covid and death by it are really less. Especially you can be safe from any severe issues. According to a study conducted by PGI, it was seen that being administered with both doses of Covid19 will reduce the chances of coronavirus related death by 98%, said Punjab Police staff, NITI Ayog member Vinod Paul.

It is important to get vaccinated as it will keep you safe. Among those who have taken even the first dose, the chances of death are reduced by 92%. Further with the second dose, you become safer. That is why the vaccine is necessary. As you take both doses, the chances of infection and death are drastically reduced.

The study showed these results. 35,856 policemen who took the first dose of vaccine already showed better results. Some of them contracted the virus and among them, nine infected ones died. The other set of policemen, 42,720 individuals took both the doses and among them who got infected, later on, 2 officials died. The number of fatalities saw a decrease.

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Police personnel are on the frontline. They are more vulnerable when compared to others. The chance of contracting the virus is high among them. According to the study, for those who haven’t received even a single dose of vaccine, among them the fatality rate is 3 per thousand. But among those who have received at least one dose, it is 0.25 per thousand.

Getting vaccinated will protect you from the infection. Only by getting immunized, we can protect ourselves and others. “Leave those who are spreading rumours, we will do our work and ensure that everyone gets vaccinated,” said the PM during Mann Ki Baat. Even when the second wave is gone, we still face threats with the third one predicted to be coming soon. In this case, getting vaccinated and following all the guidelines, is what will keep us safe.

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