India's Coronavirus Deaths Double In 32 Days, Reported 25 COVID-19 Deaths Per Hour In July

 - Sakshi Post

A total of 55,078 fresh coronavirus cases have been reported in India on Friday, a record single-day spike in the cases. This was the fourth straight day of daily cases above 50,000. Now, India's COVID-19 caseload crossed 16 lakh, just two days after it reached the 15 lakh mark.

With each passing day, the number of coronavirus positive cases are increasing and the second half of July saw around 7.3 lakh fresh infections. According to the data available from the Health Ministry, 35,747 people died due to coronavirus infection on Friday. The death toll also went high and it is 18,000, nearly 60% of the month's total count. On an average 25 people succumbed to the deadly virus per hour.

It's been already five months, the country is tackling the dangerous coronavirus but we have not been able to flatten either curve on both daily cases and daily deaths front.

The number of people falling prey for coronavirus infection in India are doubling every 32 days. If it persists at this pace, the country's death toll may cross the UK's number of around 46,000 by mid-August. The seven-day rolling average of coronavirus indicates that the country's daily deaths are more than 735.

According to a data, 6,700 people died due to coronavirus in the month of July, four times higher than the deaths caused by heart ailments and diseases of pulmonary circulation which kills nearly 1,700 people every month in the state.

Likewise, the death toll of Covid-19 in July exceeded the deaths of heart disease in  Gujarat, Karnataka, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh. Out of the top worst-hit states, Tamil Nadu is an exception because coronavirus deaths are relatively lower.

On Friday, Andhra Pradesh reported more cases than Maharashtra for the second time in the last three days. Andhra Pradesh has recorded 10,376 fresh coronavirus cases. The other states that recorded their highest single-day jump in cases on Friday - Uttar Pradesh (4,453 new cases), Bihar (2,986), Bengal (2,496), Assam (2,112), Telangana (1,986), Kerala (1,310) and Punjab (665).

India is the third worst-hit nations by coronavirus in the world. The number of deaths in Brazil and Mexico are more than that of India, the curve has started to plateau in both the nations and there is no substantial rise in daily deaths. But coming to daily deaths count, India seems to be following the United States.

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