Indians May Have To Take Flu Booster Shots Every Year?

 - Sakshi Post

The Covid19 vaccine drive is going at a good pace as many people are getting vaccinated. But the question now is that, do we need to take booster shots frequently to maintain immunity. But some vaccines don’t require these booster shots.

Keeping in mind the virus mutation, vaccine and booster shots must be decided. Depending on how the body reacts, it has to be determined. Scientists are now conducting tests to understand it further.

According to research, Pfizer and Moderna offer a kind of layered protection that is good for your body. It doesn’t rely on the antibodies and their development. It offers a back like protection where the body develops better immunity.

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Anthony Fauci, top health expert and Chief Medical Adviser to US President Joe Biden, has said that the only solution to put an end to this dangerous coronavirus pandemic is by getting people vaccinated. But he also shared that the effect of these vaccines will not last for long. It is not forever and might need flu boosters.

Medical experts and vaccine officials have shared that people might need to take boosters every year. The decision will be on the health authorities of each country. Depending on what the officials decide and according to the experts, these booster shots might not be needed every year but once a few years only.

If we see the Indian vaccines, we might need to take the booster shots. Plus with many experts deeming the mass vaccine drive as the reason behind the mutation of the virus, people might need to take booster shots. We do not know for sure if Indians will need to take the booster shots as nothing can be said until the health authorities confirm it. 

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