India Wary of China's PLA Drill Near Ladakh

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As India-China border issues continue, the former has become vary of what China is doing. India is keeping a check on the activities carried out by the People’s Liberation Army near eastern Ladakh. Even though India is ready with forces in case anything goes wrong and China ends up making a move, but they are still sceptical as the country is not ready for another issue amidst the Covid19 second wave.

On April 19, the two armies discussed the situation But as PLA refused to disengage, any kind of reconciliation talks was out of the question. Another round of the commander-level talk was to happen, but there is no confirmation regarding it yet.

Earlier, a Chinese Newspaper, Global Times claimed that the border disengagement reports by Indian media were inaccurate. The report said while the momentum brought by the eighth round of corps commanders' talks was good, the "disengagement plan" mentioned by the Indian media is "not accurate.”

The sources say that India has always had "unrealistic" ideas about the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and disregarded history, unilaterally believing that Fingers 4 to 8 are its patrolling areas, and has sought to gain bargaining chips in talks by fishing for interests in the disputed border area. This is the wrong premise for some Indian people in drafting policies," it also read. 

“The PLA has completed rotating their troops, along with two motorized divisions, which are in areas near eastern Ladakh. They also started the annual summer exercises in in-depth areas, including Kanxiwar and Kashgar, located 100 to 250-km from the Line of Actual Control (LAC),” confirmed a senior officer.

It is a concerning situation as earlier PLA had established their troop shelter, helipad, depots and other important equipment near the LAC. It was a temporary setup that has now become their permanent position. The Indian Army and IAF are prepared in case anything happens.

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