India Sets World Record In COVID Vaccine, Fastest To Reach 3 Million Shots In Just 13 Days

 - Sakshi Post

India kicked off one of the world's largest COVID-19 vaccination drives earlier in January. It has only been 13 days, but India has managed to vaccinate more than 3 Million people. This is one of the fastest records in the world.

Health Ministry’s data revealed the number and congratulated everyone who has been working relentlessly. Compared to other countries, India has been fastest and most efficient in handling the drive. The country started their vaccination drive way later when compared to other nations, yet their speed is more.

India has been vaccinating its citizens faster than other countries. The workers and the citizens, everyone is cooperating and this has made the vaccination drive a success, till now. India vaccinated 3 Million citizens against COVID-19 in just 13 days, while Israel did it in 33 days and the United Kingdom in 36 days.

Many states announced free vaccination for its citizens. There are multiple centres where the vaccine shots are being administered. Plus these places are following proper systems in order to keep a track of the people who got the shot.

Along with three million mark, India also made a record for fastest One and two million shots. The Health Ministry confirmed that the vaccination drive is going well and they are going good in stage one of the drive.

Out of the 3 million shots, the highest record was in UP. 12.6% of the total 3 million were from UP while Karnataka had around 9 percent.  

Along with this, the recovery rate has also been high in India. The Union Health Ministry confirmed that as of 30th Jan, there were 13,083 new COVID-19 cases with 14,808 people who got discharged. With this the total number of recoveries is 1,04,09,160 in India.

The centre has now asked all the states to focus on frontline workers from February 1st. Along with health experts and medical workers, frontline workers will be receiving the vaccine shot. Around 94 lakh healthcare and 61 lakh frontline workers were registered on the Co-WIN platform. Among these around 33.7 lakh health workers received their first shot and after the designated wait time, they will receive the second one.

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